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"Crazy Rich Asians" meets "Sex in the City"

The Leftovers Club: Bee's Story

JoJo, Bee, Tina and Mei are best friends in their late twenties, each with tiger moms obsessed with getting their daughters married, worried that the girls might become “leftovers,” their euphemism for spinsters. So, while their moms relentlessly pursue partners for their daughters, the girls embrace their perpetual singleness forming the "Leftovers Club," to support each others pursuit of successful careers.

Book 3: Tina's Story.

It's Spring. Brilliant and self-assured Tina is on the professor-track at NYU. She has tenure, a likely husband, and a future all mapped out. And then her life is upended when her Dad unexpectedly dies, leaving her Mom alone to run the family food truck business in Flushing. Tina finds herself helping out her mother more and more, discovering why the food truck has customers around the block: recipes she's always taken for granted are a super-hit with foodies who come from around the city and Long Island to indulge their palates. One gastronome in particular catches her eye and encourages Tina and her mother to open a classy restaurant featuring the mouth-watering dishes. And where better than to debut New York's newest epicurean eatery than in JoJo's Mom's #1 hotel.


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