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A Gripping, Disturbing Thriller

Mayhem on Mulberry: Book Two

The saga continues...

The Chinese gang has emerged as the most notorious criminal enterprise in the world. While the South American drug lords garner all the attention, the Chinese warlords build a global empire. It is now a generation later, and the Chinese gangs have thoroughly infiltrated throughout American society.

Book Two picks up with the supposed discovery of Jen’s body on the New York Harbor dock, which is misdirection by Cheung.

It's 2020 and Jen has been back in New York for almost twenty years, having returned with her daughter, Julia. Living under an assumed name, Jen takes up with gang leader Cheung, with whom she has a son. Consumed by hate for Enzo and the DeCarlos, Jen plots her twisted revenge using Julia to destroy the family.

Nicky DeCarlo is following in Enzo (who is stuck in a loveless marriage with Taccetta’s daughter), his father’s, footsteps working as a capo for the DeCarlo business. He has dreams of leaving the dwindling business and setting out on his own, but lacks the resources to do so.

Under her mother’s direction, Julia sets out to single-mindedly seduce Nicky, which is a difficult task as he is in love with another woman, Sienna, who plays very hard to get. Nicky is intrigued by the young Chinese woman, but is nonchalant to her advances.

Eventually, Nicky is finally, cruelly spurned by Sienna and he turns to Julia, thus consummating their relationship and sealing his own fate.

In the background, the Chinese gang organizes a massive shipment of drugs from China, via a Mexican cartel, into New York. Julia feeds information about the deal to Nicky, and the Italians plan to steal the shipment; Julia also plants the seed that he should consider helping himself to some of the goods. So, Nicky conspires with his fellow capo, Joey Milano, to take part of the shipment for themselves during the heist – just enough for that fresh start with Julia.

On the night of the heist, all goes according to the Italians’ plan until the police, acting on an informer’s tip-off, arrive and surround the warehouse. Nicky and Julia hijack one of the Italian’s vans and attempt to drive through the police blockade. Julia is shot and wounded, the van crashes.

Enzo, who turns out to be the informant, and Jen are captured by the police at the warehouse and it is revealed that Julia is Nicky’s sister. Heartbroken, believing Julia to be dead, appalled by the deception and what he has inadvertently done, Nicky climbs from the van and is gunned down by the police.

Julia survives her injuries and ends the story in custody, where she prepares to reveal everything she knows about the Chinese gang to bring down her mother once and for all.


"Mayhem on Mulberry: Book One" will appeal to readers of: The Godfather" by Mario Puzo "Out" by Natsuo Kirino "The Marriage Contract" (The O'Malleys series) by Katee Robert "The Cartel" by Ashley Antoinette, JaQuavis Coleman


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