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"Crazy Rich Asians" meets "Sex in the City"

The Leftovers Club: Mei's Story

JoJo, Bee, Tina and Mei are best friends in their late twenties, each with tiger moms obsessed with getting their daughters married, worried that the girls might become “leftovers,” their euphemism for spinsters. So, while their moms relentlessly pursue partners for their daughters, the girls embrace their perpetual singleness forming the "Leftovers Club," to support each others pursuit of successful careers.

Book 4: Mei's Story.

Book 4: It's Summer. Ambitious and status-driven attorney Mei is trying to crack through the glass ceiling at her law firm when she is thrust into a real estate lawsuit that has per pitted against her best friend JoJo's Mom—and her Mom's cutthroat, handsome attorney. The court battle is over the proposed demolition of a beloved century-old, iconic theater to make way for a new glitzy hotel—to be built and owned by JoJo's Mom. Mei is tasked with leading the fight on behalf of the community groups who have pledged to preserve the historic landmark and stop it imminent destruction. To make matters even more complicated, Mei finds herself becoming enchanted with the equally stunning architect at the heart of the dispute. With her possible partnership on the line, it will be up to Mei to negotiate a settlement that will satisfy all parties—but most especially herself.


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