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"Crazy Rich Asians" meets "Sex in the City"

The Leftovers Club: JoJo's Story

JoJo, Bee, Tina and Mei are best friends in their late twenties, each with tiger moms obsessed with getting their daughters married, worried that the girls might become “leftovers,” their euphemism for spinsters. So, while their moms relentlessly pursue partners for their daughters, the girls embrace their perpetual singleness forming the "Leftovers Club," to support each others pursuit of successful careers.

Book 1: JoJo's Story.

It's autumn. JoJo is the carefree daughter of wealthy Manhattan real estate developers and hoteliers whose chosen career path of writer and movie producer is at odds with her parent's goals: to get married to a mega-rich VIP and settle into the family business. But when JoJo falls for Jim, a corporate attorney who gave it all up to becomes a comic-con event-planner, her parents predictably go ballistic. But worse, at a dinner party straight out of a sitcom, it turns out that Jim has unsettling connections to Jojo's three roommates ( one had sex with him, one bought drugs off him). Then, in trying to protect, JoJo, her BFF's Bee, Tina, and Mei become the meddlesome types they always complain there parent are. Tensions flare and friendships are frayed as the battle for true love goes apoplectic. But in the end, JoJo discovers hidden reserves that will lead to what's best for her—and the other Leftovers.



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