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Fast-Paced International Financial Thriller

Catch a Falling Knife

From Staten Island to Hong Kong's Cut Throat Money Markets...

Valentina Vittorio has one sole purposeā€”to expose the ruthless narcissist who bankrupted her family and drove her father to suicide. For years, she immerses herself in the world of high finance, rising through the ranks of stock traders and analysts to land a position on JM Wen International’s “tiger team” of world- class investment bankers.

Arriving in Hong Kong, Valentina is determined to exact justice for her father and others like him . . . or die in the attempt. But Valentina gets more than she's bargained for when she discovers that beneath JM Wen’s legitimate business is a shadowy empire enmeshed in organized crime, elaborate global cons and was built on corruption and blood.

As she searches for proof to avenge her father, Valentina is drawn further and further into a dangerous world where people suddenly disappear or are brutally murdered. Navigating a trip wire between JM Wen’s brutal security chief, an Interpol agent, and a murderously capricious gang lord, Valentina quickly realizes she can’t tell her enemies from her allies. Everyone is a master manipulator, where the ends justify any means, and the truth is the deadliest weapon of all.


"Catch a Falling Knife" will appeal to readers of: "Insider Justice" by Dennis Carstens "The Informationist" by Taylor Stevens "The Prince of Risk" by Christopher Reich "The Banker's Wife by Cristina Alger "Hot Shot by Sheldon Siegel "The Penny Jumper" by James Grippando "Liar's Poker" by Michael Lewis "The Girl From Home" by Adam Mitzner "Pinot Noir: A Female Sleuth Financial Thriller with International Espionage" by Lorraine Evanoff "The Marketmaker: a gripping financial thriller" by Michael Ridpath


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