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"Crazy Rich Asians" meets "Sex in the City"

The Leftovers Club: Bee's Story

JoJo, Bee, Tina and Mei are best friends in their late twenties, each with tiger moms obsessed with getting their daughters married, worried that the girls might become “leftovers,” their euphemism for spinsters. So, while their moms relentlessly pursue partners for their daughters, the girls embrace their perpetual singleness forming the "Leftovers Club," to support each others pursuit of successful careers.

Book 2: Bee's Story.

It's winter. Bee is heart-set on a design career in fashion. Her Mom and Dad want her to get married. Dad especially wants her to lower her job expectations and stick to copying name-brand designers for their family-run knock off factory. While she fights to hold together her dreams, as well as her intense relationship with her beautiful lover, a chance to enter an international TV contest provides just the opportunity for Bee to prove her mettle—and showcase her extraordinary ingenuity and cutting- edge clothing line. But it's going to take more than a win on TV to win over her parent's approval—and her girlfriend's commitment to a future together. Though things don't go exactly as she might have planned, a little networking with her Leftover friends leads Bee to an unexpected happy ending: Her own clothing store in a prime location—JoJo's Mom's 5-Star landmark hotel.


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