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A Gripping, Disturbing Thriller

Nine Seconds

Is an old serial attacker back on Staten Island?

Ten years ago, the vicious New Cropsey of Staten Island was put behind bars, one week before Davina Speers was attacked using his same MO. The cops and even her own family continuously gas-lighted her claims, driving Davina down a hard path of drug and alcohol addiction, prostitution, stripping, and living on the streets.

Then a decade later, Davina’s childhood friend, Joy Sheridan, ends up dead. Suicide. Joy had been attacked at the same time as Davina and in much the same way—but as with Davina, Joy's case was also left "unsolved."

Now clean and sober, Davina is trying to put her life back together; she has a guy who wants to marry her, a job as a martial arts instructor, and she’s finishing college. But Joy's case along with recent attacks in haunted Staten Island locations convince Davina that New Cropsey is back—and more psychotic than ever. Her quest for justice leads Davina down a path of corruption and fear in New York City’s ‘Forgotten Borough’ that will overturn the lives and unearth the secrets of scores of people, including its most prominent citizens: a banker, a politician, a party leader, a police inspector, a fire commissioner, a priest, a lawyer, a businessman, and a real estate tycoon.

Are the leaders who are trying to give Staten Island a new future responsible for covering up its past? Is Davina's assumption right—was the real Rosebank Strangler never put behind bars? Until the heart- pounding ending, Davina's suspects lead her into a labyrinth of suffocating violence and murder.

"Nine Seconds" will appeal to readers of: "The Informationist" (Vanessa Michael Munroe series) by Taylor Stevens "The Late Show" (Renee Ballard series) by Michael Connelly "Baltimore Blues" (Tess Monaghan series) by Laura Lippman "UNSUB" by Meg Gardiner "The Hypnotist" by Lars Kepler


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