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Vincent deFilippo

Writer, Financial Guru, Professor, Mentor

A native New Yorker, and international financier, Dr. deFilippo has more than 24 years of business consulting and finance industry experience. He is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and mentor to teens and adults.


Nine Seconds

by Vincent deFilippo

Davina Speers tracks down an old adversary as Staten Island is once again plagued by a spate of vicious attacks on young women.


The Leftovers Club: Book 1

by Vincent deFilippo & Yazhen "Bowie" Feng

Meet JoJo and her friends - all Chinese women, all racing toward 30 years old, and all looking for love and purpose in New York City


Breaking Point: Escalation of Commitment

by Dr. Vincent deFilippo PhD

An invaluable self-help manual that introduces and explores the concept of Escalation of Commitment and how to work with it.


Meet the Author

Vincent deFilippo

Breakout Writer of Books in Three Genres

As for my background, I am a professor in the school of business and accounting at Monroe College. I'm an investor in stocks, real estate, people, and businesses. I am an entrepreneur (my properties have been written about in the Wall Street Journal and other publications). Prior to Monroe, as the CEO of a private equity fund in Hong Kong, I raised billions of dollars in venture capital for publicly traded companies throughout the Asia Pacific Region. I'm a member of the Writers Guild. I have a PhD and two master's degrees, as well as professional certifications from Harvard, Brown, MIT, Columbia, NY Film Academy, and Hollywood Film School. Born in New York City, I now live in Manhattan with my wife and two young daughters.

What Readers Are saying


“This is the perfect read for those who enjoy thrillers, suspense, and stories of revenge.”

Hollywood Book Reviews

“This intricately plotted financial revenge thriller pairs white-collar crime with detailed action, perfect for fans of fast-paced suspense. ”

Publishers Weekly (BookLife Reviews)

“Thriller-lovers are offered an impressive display of action and plot to keep us cued in and rooting for our protagonist. [For] those who come for the thrills—for the hardboiled action against a corrupt organization, the crisply rendered setting—will be richly rewarded with Catch a Falling Knife

Independent Book Review

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